The ‘Two Little Cats’

*spoiler* contains cute cat photos

We are asked questions about our business every day. Why cakes, how did we start, how did we get here and where do we want to go are all topics that come up a lot but there is one question that rules over all the others… “Why are you called Two Little Cats?!”

I get it. Two Little Cats is not exactly a usual name for a business that makes cakes. The truth is when I first set up the company everyone and their auntie’s dog seemed to be setting up a cake business and they all seemed to be naming them similar things. I didn’t want to put my own name in the company name (I spell my name ‘unusually’ so google searches would have been a mine field) and although the trend at the time was all things vintage/twee I knew that I did not want to go down that path. I couldn’t think of anything that I liked. Then at Christmas time my boyfriend (now fiancé!) brought home two kittens. There were always in everything and whenever I was trying to work on the business there they were. We jokingly suggested that the business be named after them and it sort of stuck!

So there we go. There are in fact two little cats behind Two Little Cats. Their names are Nacho (aka Choo) and Simba (aka Ba).

I came up with the name during a time when I wasn’t sure if Two Little Cats would ever be more than something I did along side my full time job in corporate property. I didn’t know if it would last a few months let alone become my career. We were told a lot when we first started that it wasn’t a good idea. That we needed to have a reference to what we do in our name. I am so glad I did not listen to those people. That works for some people, sure, but for us our name helps us stand out in a very competitive market. People don’t forget us and when we overhear people talking about Two Little Cats or people come up to us because they spot our van around Cambridge we know we’ve made the right choice.

Now we better get back to work before the two bosses wake up!


Cake designer & author 🍰🌸🦄😻