Our new home

Today marks 1 whole year since we moved Two Little Cats out of our house and into its own kitchen space. The first few months were a whirlwind of DIY, trips to IKEA and evenings spent convincing myself that this really was a good idea but, 12 months on, we are fully in love with our space. We realised that we didn’t really share the process of moving our little business to the next step so, on its first birthday, here is the story of Two Little Cats new home!

As many of our past clients will know, we have always worked from our home. After 4 years baking tens of thousands of cupcakes, and hundreds of cakes and wedding cakes, it had become a bit too much for our small house in Cambridgeshire. We started throwing around the idea of “putting out feelers” for a potential space to move the business in to maybe the following year.

A week later we’d found it. It was the perfect location, the perfect size…you just had to be able to see past the state it was in (not easy I can tell you!) to find its potential. Luckily we did just that and snapped it up.

Turning it from a dilapidated storage unit into our kitchen and studio was not easy. It took a lot of hard work, heavy lifting (especially from my fiancé, Chris!), tears (especially from me!), and money to turn our dream into a physical space. Every day I went from being so over the moon excited to being a tangle of stress worrying that we had taken the leap too soon. Chris was working full time in his day job, and it was the middle of wedding season so I couldn’t take any time out of the business (genius timing, Jennifer). Any spare moment was spent at the new place filling, sanding, painting, cleaning; the list was endless! At the time it felt like everything was taking far too long, but now…I have absolutely no idea how we did it.

But we did. Despite dodgy tradesmen (someone tried to sell me stolen flooring, then turned threatening when asked for documentation, and we’re pretty sure a plumber stole our toilet!), rampant casual sexism (because a young woman can’t possibly be in charge of renovating a commercial space or know exactly what she needs in a builders’ merchant), sleepless nights, and crippling self doubt, we created a home for Two Little Cats.

Cake designer & author 🍰🌸🦄😻